Short Test

A short test

Answer all the questions below.  Complete the test quickly (only allow yourself 20 minutes). 

1. Vending machine

    Our drinks machine works by putting some money in to a coin slot, finding the drink required from a menu which then has a 3 digit code by it (e.g. 113 for coffee white with sugar), then typing the three digit code in on a keypad.  The machine then dispenses the drink and any change is returned via a chute to the person using the machine.  There is a 'cancel' button that returns the coins fed in and clears any number typed in on the keypad.

    If you had a limited amount of time (say one whole day) to test this machine what tests would you do to see if it worked properly? 

2. Software testing

    We have a piece of software that needs to be tested.  We currently have 200 automated tests (which can be run as a single 'pack' taking 6 hours) and 50 tests that need to be run by a person (these can take a day to run). We want to increase the number of tests we do, but realise this will lead to a large and difficult to manage test suite.  What advice would give us?

3. Planning to do tests

    If you had to present a plan to the project manager for using 3 people to carry out the tests in question 2, what would you put in it? contact me on