V Development Model

Testing following the Development Process

The development of a system traditionally follows the Waterfall model where each development and testing stage follows the next. It does not imply that any of the steps have to be completed before the next step starts. The V Model follows the principles that the development stages of the software each have corresponding testing stages.

Business Case

The first step in the development is a business case identifying the a new system, software package or change to an existing system. The business case identifies a business “need” which it will deliver and outlines the costs expected when developing and running the system.


The next step is to define a set of Requirements which states what the system will achieve in order to meet the “need”. These requirements involve functional and non functional requirements.

System Specifications

The Requirements for the system are then used to determine a system specification, which focuses on  how the system will achieve the requirements.

System Design

From the system specification a developer produces the System Design. This takes the features required and maps them to various “components”. Each component is a separate module of the new system. The whole design should result in a detailed system design which will achieve what is required by teh system specifications.

Component Design

Each component is broken down to describe in detail exactly how it will perform it’s piece of processing.

Component Construction

Finally every component is built and positioned within the system ready for the test process.


Now read the V Testing Model which follows the development stage

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