HTML Testing Tools

Below are a list of testing tools which are availble to test some of the errors which may occur on your site. I’ve included a brief description and a link to the suppliers web site. Feel free to email concerning any questions you have


HTML Toolbox.

HTML Toolbox is an award winning product that identifies site problems and automatically repairs HTML code for you with just one click.

Power Tools. HTML Toolbox comes with these state-of-the-art tools:

  • Link Check
  • HTML Check and Repair
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Load Time Check
  • Spell Check

Repairs HTML errors. HTML Toolbox spots common HTML code errors, fixes most errors it finds on your request, and generates a repaired file for you to upload. If we can't fix your problem, we will identify those problems for you.

No downloads or software to install. Our software works directly from our site. No need to install anything on your computer.

Automatic testing. Schedule weekly, biweekly or monthly tests of your site. We'll notify you by email when your results are ready.

Testing on demand. Log into your account and test your site at any time at no extra cost.

Configurable. Tell us what tests you want to run. Tailor our tools to your preferences.

Latest Standards. Our tools are updated regularly to stay in step with the latest HTML standards. You get these software updates free of charge!

Safe and Effective. We won't change anything on your Web site. All corrections are made to a copy of your Web page that you can download and install when you're ready.

Tests your whole site. Most HTML validators check only one page - HTML Toolbox will check your whole site with one command!

Don't know how big your site is? We'll count the number of pages in your site when you add your URL


Free service / disabilities.


Bobby is a free service provided by CAST to help Web page authors identify and repair significant barriers to access by individuals with disabilities.

HTML Validation Service

W3C HTML Validation Service

Welcome to the W3C HTML Validation Service. It checks HTML documents for conformance to W3C HTML and XHTML Recommendations and other HTML standards. Recent updates include

Tutorials for HTML and CSS

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