Website Testing

Why should we test for E-Business 

Websites are sometimes the first and often only impression the customer may have of your company. The way the site performs and reads is the only representation of the company image. System errors and poor performance are highly visible along with formatting and cross platform errors.

Testing your website environment is essential to eliminate the following risks

    Your site may be too slow, market research shows you have 30 seconds to attract the potential client to your site. If this time is consumed by slow download times then the client will lose interest and move on.

    Your site may be difficult to use 

    There may be incompatibility between your site and the customers browser, operating system or view size.

    Your site may not be able to handle the peak volumes of customers


    Question to ask about your site.

    Does Your Site Have Dead Links?
    Broken links drive customers away.

    Are Your Pages Too Slow?
    If a page doesn't load in 8 seconds you lose 1/3 of your visitors.

    Are There Errors On Your Site?
    HTML code errors make your site look bad and confuse your visitors. contact me on