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Software testing is a necessary part of the development or implementation of any new software installation or upgraded. Many will ask, why do we need to test software ?. All we need are really good developers who will be able to fix anything we tell them to. If they were silly enough to have overlooked something in the first place that is !. If only the world was that easy !.

Software Developers design a program to do what it is supposed to ( ie not to protect it from what it’s not supposed to do ) They tend to follow well designed document specifications which identify exactly what the program is to do before it’s made. The design specifications are written by business analyst who know exactly what the business requires and writes the specification accordingly. The business analyst acquire exactly what is needed by the business from the business users and business owners. Then there are the technical environment specialist who advise what hardware the software is to run on and if there is a need to upgrade any hardware. Finally if a third party piece of software is involved, there’s the third party account manger advising what other products they have which will enhance the software and make everything work exactly like you dreamed it would.

Can you see the gap ?. The areas where little things may fall through the net ?. difficult isn’t it ?. Not

This is where software testing steps in and says in a big confident voice “We will give you the confidence that this new business tool will work”. “Before you give it to all the users”. And we will also tell you in an ongoing status meeting, “if this software will actually meet the business value you expected it to achieve”. Testing software is a way of confirming all the information has been put together correctly and the areas which wouldn’t have been considered are safe as well.

The nest questions are ?

  1. When should we start the software process ?
  2. What do we need to test ?
  3. How long will the testing take ?

The answers are obvious but just in case you need confidence, they go like this

  1. At the beginning as soon as we start the development
  2. Everything
  3. The testing will fit within your deadlines and we will tell you how


This site contains a number of aspects which will help you with coming to grips with the scale of the testing task. It has details of testing methodologies, an explanation of the types of testing performed during the many different testing stages. Test script templates and automated testing and testing tools. And if you appear to still need a little advice. In plain English. Drop me an email. contact me on